Flexible Payment Options​

Can be paid for with picture commissions
Use a standard school purchase order
Parent Clubs love to help​

You do not have to use the photography or yearbook services of a Volume Imaging Photographer, but it opens up creative options to fund your VIPPASS system.

If you are satisfied with your current providers of school pictures, sports photography or yearbooks, you are welcome to continue using them. Your ViP PASS system may be purchased with a P. O. and you will receive the same great service.

However, if you hire the VIP photographer for your photographic needs, they will be able to offer substantial discounts on your VIP PASS system.

Most photographers pay a commission on the picture sales to the school. Your VIP Photographer can apply the school’s portion of the VIP PASS cost to that commission so there will be no additional billing.

ID Card Replacement​

Print ID card replacements on-site
Print ID cards for new students
Print badges for new or temporary staff​

VIPPASS can double as your ID card replacement system.

Your VIP photographer will import the student and staff images and data so you will be able to create new cards.

School photographers sometimes loan schools an ID card printer when they are not using it… but this does not fit the security needs of modern schools: you need an ID card printer from day one. New students and staff need ID badges now, not later.

Adding an ID card printer to your PASS system means you will not have to wait on anyone.

Fast Pass Key Tags

Fast Pass QR code
Adherable to existing Key Tags
Customize your Key Tags

Scanning the barcode on the back of state-issued ID cards allows you to capture the ID number to verify a visitors identification. This is the foundation of the VIPPASS system.

Your school has the right to verify the identity of a visitor by using the barcode. Parents sometimes complain about having to dig their ID out of their purse or wallet each time they visit the school. The PASS system has a Fast Pass option to make it easier for frequent and trusted visitors to enter the school:

Frequent visitors and part-time staffers can affix their QR code that was printed on their visitor label to a key tag. They will be able to check in and out the school in the blink of an eye. Office staff duties will not be interrupted during these Fast Pass entries.

Perhaps you could offer this for a small fee, payable to the school!