On-Site Installation‚Äč

Installed by VIP Photographers
On and Off Site Training
Interpersonal Service‚Äč

The VIP Network is unique in the market place of visitor management software. All other providers are centralized in one main office in one corner of the US.

When a school purchases from these companies, they are shipped a box with some or all of the equipment that they will need to set up their system. The school will have to use its own IT staff time and equipment to finalize the installation.

These companies do have phone and Internet support systems but they will not be the ones doing the work.

A VIP Network photographer will be the one making the PASS work for you.

Sex Offender Lookup

Scans National Sex Offender
Checks for False Positives
Directs Actions to be Taken

The VIPPASS system instantly compares the identity of your visitor with a national database of registered sex offenders. In the event a positive match occurs the software displays detailed information about the actual sex offender. This information includes mug shot, height, weight, eye color, crimes committed, aliases, and bodily markings such as scars or tattoos. This detailed information helps prevents the chance for a false positive.

On-Site Customization

Contacts for Emergencies
Student and Staff Data Import
Customized Message Scripts

Remote suppliers of visitor management software only offer phone or Internet support.

VIP photographers will be on site to set up and customize all the features of your PASS system. When they are your school photographer, they will already have access to your student and staff data and will be able to import that data into the PASS system for seamless operation.

They will be there when you need help.