Student Safety‚Äč

Track custody and court orders
Flag students with restrictions
Connect visitors to students‚Äč

Many of your students and staff are affected by court orders for custody, restraining orders, or other legal issues which affect who they may come in contact with.

During the initial visitor check in process, the parent or guardian must associate themselves with a current student. If that student has any special visitation restraints a yellow flag will alert office staff to check student SIS records prior to allowing the adult on campus.

If a teacher has any protective orders, you may give a yellow flag to any adult visiting that classroom.


Track late arriving students
Track early dismissals
Track returning students

VIPPASS records and manages student arrivals and departures.

Late arriving students quickly scan their student ID cards to record and time stamp the tardy. If they do not have ID, they can find their record with text entry assisted by auto-fill.

If a student needs to leave early they may follow the same procedure; if they are returning from an off campus event, they may check back in with the same speed.


Print Hall Passes for Late Students
Time Stamp early outs and Returns
Customize Reports as needed

Students arriving late will have a late badge printed for them so the teacher will know their tardy has been recorded.

Students with an early dismissal will have an early out badge printed for them so campus staff know the appropriate documentation has been completed.

Your school will be able to track student participation in after-school events.

Most school SIS systems do not allow third party interfacing; attendance data will have to be tracked within those systems.