VIP PASS is a cloud-based security solution; nothing needs to be installed on school computers.

The VIP PASS solution includes all hardware required at the check-in station.

Any Internet-capable device can review activity, edit records and create reports.

  • Yes, federal law provides the right for schools to require an ID prior to allowing visitors to be on campus.

Only the visitor’s name, drivers license number and birthday is retained.

The accuracy of the sex offender database searches is improved when details such as date of birth are included.

No other information on the ID is retained by the system.

The school may enter the needed information manually, and use their best judgment to allow access.

The visitor should be given a yellow flag with a note indicating they will need to show ID at their next visit.

The information extracted from the driver’s license is sent to an online service to search for matches in databases of known sex offenders. The communication with the service happens via HTTPS protocols, ensuring that the data remains private. Potential matches are presented to reception for verification: a photo of the potentially matching offender is shown beside the visitor’s photo. A discreet “panic” button allows the receptionist to reach out to a school-configured contact list. A school-authored script is provided to the receptionist to ensure that the interaction is handled according to policy.

First-time visitors must go through a normal admission procedure, with office staff monitoring the process from their own computer. The staff quickly review the visitor data and picture and approve or decline the visitor.

The process takes seconds.

If appropriate, staff may assign a flag to the visitor; during future visits, visitors with a green flag do not need any office participation to get their pass to print.

Yes: as the school year advances, changes in visitor flag colors may speed up, slow down or limit access to the campus. A note recording the reason for each change tracks history and assists the school to stay secure.