Safeguard your school


Unsafe visitor are tracked
Screening for sex offenders
Verified visitor identification

On the first visit to the school, all adults must have their state issued ID scanned.

This ensures verification of the person’s identification. Their picture is taken to record their current appearance; this gets printed on their badge. A scan of the 50 state sex offender databases checks for any prior convictions.

On future visits, the visitors will only need to scan their ID or Fast PASS Key Tag, as all prior information will be kept in a secure location.


Trusted visitors have green flags
Risky visitors receive other colors
Staff has discrete access to a panic button

Adults are assigned a flag color.

Green flag: the visitor is in good standing and a visitor pass can be printed without staff interruption.

Yellow flag: staff have deemed that this visitor requires further review prior to entering campus.

Red flag: the visitor has been banned from entering the campus.

A panic button is displayed on school staff computers, enabling a staffer to quickly contact additional school personnel, SRO’s or 911.


Customized reports on visitors
Visitor's picture printed on badges
Visitor destination printed

A visitor with a green flag will only need to scan their ID or Fast PASS Key Tag to have their visitor sticker printed.

You will know who is on your campus at all times. If any campus staff see an adult without a visitor sticker they will know to direct them back to the school office.

Your school will no longer rely on outdated and cumbersome paper lists; you will be able to create customized reports for all visitors, volunteers, temporary staff and vendors.