Student and Staff ID Card Solutions

Step 1

The school sends out a text or email message to all the parents and staffers using the VIPPASS website. They then instruct all parents to take a picture from their smart phone of their student'[s face for the ID cards. The staffers will take a selfie to be use for their staff badge.

Parents take picture of student for ID card.

Staffers take a selfie.

Step 2

The images are uploaded to the VIPPASS website. The student's or staffer's face will be detected and auto cropped to display the face only. The record can be edited by the school.

Picture is reviewed by school prior to printing ID card.

Staff data can be edited.


Customized reports on visitors
Visitor's picture printed on badges
Visitor destination printed

ID cards are delivered before the start of the school year.

ID cards and staff badges are customized.