For your Students / your Staff / your Families / your District

Student and staff safety are among everyone’s highest priorities in today’s challenging and litigious environment.

A computerized visitor management system is now recognized as best practice for maintaining a secure and safe campus.

Concerned parents and staff will be encouraged and grateful when they see the proactive steps your school has taken to ensure a safe learning environment for everyone.

15″ Windows 10 Laptop  / 1D and QR Bar Code Scanner / DYMO Thermal Printer / Starter Kit of Labels / Computer Stand / Signage & 100 Key Tags 

This bundle contains all the equipment, and supplies needed to get you up and running. There is no need to purchase any extra equipment. You will receive a new 14″ window 10 laptop with a stand. A high-speed laser barcode scanner will be included along with a DYMO Printer for visitor labels and all your other Identification needs. One thousand labels are included to get you started. 

All the school needs to supply is a high-speed Internet connection. All covered by a 1-year warranty.

Personalized Visitor Badges / Customized Reporting / Modern Student Tracking

Your public access security solution must be able to keep track of all visitors, volunteers, vendors, and temporary staff that come on campus. It must create hard-copy and digital versions of reports for accounting and auditing purposes.

It should track late arriving students, returning students and early dismissals.